Planet Fitness have Showers: A Complete Guide

Planet Fitness, a prominent name in the fitness industry, is known for its affordable membership fees, a wide range of equipment, and a judgment-free atmosphere. For many fitness enthusiasts, having access to amenities like showers is crucial in their decision-making process when choosing a gym. If you’re wondering whether Planet Fitness provides shower facilities, this comprehensive guide aims to delve into this aspect, exploring the availability, quality, and convenience of showers at Planet Fitness locations.

Introduction to Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has earned a reputation for offering a welcoming environment designed to cater to individuals of all fitness levels. With over 2,000 locations across the United States, Canada, and other countries, it’s recognized for its “Judgement Free Zone” policy, which promotes a non-intimidating atmosphere.

The Importance of Showers in Gyms

Before diving into the specifics of whether Planet Fitness provides showers, it’s essential to understand the significance of shower facilities in gyms. For many individuals, especially those balancing fitness routines with work or other commitments, the availability of showers at a gym can be a deciding factor in choosing a fitness center. Showers enable gym-goers to freshen up post-workout, making it convenient to transition back into their daily activities without the need to return home first.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

One of the frequently asked questions by potential members or current patrons of Planet Fitness is whether their facilities include showers. The answer to this question may vary depending on the particular Planet Fitness location.

Variability in Amenities Across Locations

Planet Fitness offers different membership tiers, with the availability of amenities often linked to these tiers. The standard membership, which is available at most locations, may not always include access to showers. However, some Planet Fitness locations, particularly the higher-tiered Black Card membership clubs, offer additional amenities such as massage chairs, tanning, hydro-massage beds, and yes, showers.

Black Card Membership and Shower Access

The Black Card membership, offered at select Planet Fitness locations, typically includes access to a broader range of amenities compared to the basic membership. Showers are often a part of these added facilities, allowing members to take advantage of post-workout showers for a refreshing experience.

Confirming Shower Availability

To ensure whether a specific Planet Fitness location provides shower facilities, it’s advisable to check directly with the gym. The Planet Fitness website or a phone call to the specific branch can provide accurate information regarding the amenities available, including the availability of showers.

Quality and Convenience of Planet Fitness Showers

For those Planet Fitness locations that do offer showers, the quality and convenience of these facilities can vary. While some clubs may have spacious, well-maintained shower areas equipped with toiletries, towels, and private stalls, others might have more basic setups. It’s essential to manage expectations as the quality of amenities can differ from location to location.


In conclusion, whether Planet Fitness offers showers depends on the particular location and membership tier. The standard membership may not always include shower access, but the higher-tier Black Card membership often grants members this amenity.

If access to showers is a priority for your gym-going routine, it’s recommended to inquire directly with your local Planet Fitness branch regarding their amenities. Understanding the facilities available and their quality can assist in making an informed decision when choosing a gym that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

Planet Fitness continues to evolve and expand its offerings, aiming to cater to the diverse needs of its members. As the fitness industry progresses, amenities like showers may become more standardized across their locations, further enhancing the overall gym experience for patrons.






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